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Approaches to supporting coverages and multidimensional arrays required by Annex II and III

Dean Hintz

(Submission #206)


A number of Annex II and III themes require the generation of datasets that represent coverages or arrays of a complex multidimensional nature. This includes everything from raster imagery to numeric grids, from time series to range and domain values that model a series of multiple measurements for a distributed range of sensors.

Besides INSPIRE, there are a wide range of tools and data stores available to work with this information. This talk will examine spatial ETL methods in FME for extracting coverage, time series and measurement data from typical sources and how they can be transformed into the structures required by Annex II and III in an efficient and effective manner.

For instance, one example considered will be how to convert weather time series data from NetCDF to GML coverage geometries (observation and measurements). Methods for integrating data from other sources such as raster and point clouds will also be considered.

Themes considered will include geology, land coverage, elevation, orthophoto, atmospheric conditions, environmental monitoring, meteorological and oceanographic features. The importance of these modelling efforts will be underlined by a brief review of some key weather, weather impact and climate change application examples.

Attendees will gain an understanding of INSPIRE themes that model coverages, surfaces and time series, and gain a better awareness of methods and tools for populating these complex data structures from legacy data sources typically used to provide this data.


Topic Area:  [1.2] Environmental monitoring and assessments
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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