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Enhancing INSPIRE Infrastructures with Data Processing Functionality

Benjamin Pross, Christoph Stasch and Simon Jirka

(Submission #209)


Currently, most INSPIRE compliant Web services are focused on data discovery, access and portrayal functionality. This is also reflected by a range of Technical Guidance documents about the application of these services. However, besides the access to data, the sharing of algorithms as well as processing functionality is another important aspect. While coordinate transformation is already a commonly shared processing functionality, there are many further types of processes and algorithms which can be of interest for a wider community (e.g. prediction models, data analysis functionality, etc.).

For this purpose, the OGC has developed the Web Processing Service (WPS) standard, which is currently available in version 2.0. This interface specification comprises operations for determining the processing functionality offered by a WPS server, for retrieving information about the necessary input parameters, for managing the execution of processes, and for checking how the results of a processing task can be accessed (e.g. through dedicated download services).

Within our presentation, we introduce two typical application patterns how the OGC WPS standard may be applied as a useful extension of the current INSPIRE framework: Added value on top of inspire compliant data sources: Considering the recently published Technical Guidance how to use the OGC Web Coverage Service and the OGC Sensor Observation Service as INSPIRE Download Services, new sources of raw information are becoming available. Using these sources by combining and analysing their data will generate new types of information products. For this purpose, the WPS may serve as an integrated part of INSPIRE infrastructures by using INSPIRE compliant services as input and by also using INSPIRE Download Services for publishing the processing results. Sharing algorithms and processes: If an organisation has developed and implemented a certain algorithm to analyse or process certain data sets to potentially derive other information products, they may be interested to share this functionality with other users. Especially in the context of open science, this is a growing trend. By means of the WPS standard, it will be possible to offer others users a way to execute such processes without the need of setting up the potentially complex software environments in their own infrastructure.

To underline the practical relevance of the WPS standard, the presentation will finally provide a selected set of typical application examples from different domains. These examples comprise on the one hand statistical analyses of data sets and on the other hand prediction models (e.g. hydrological models).


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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