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Improved COVADIS standards and INSPIRE compliance of existing national data

Richard Mitanchey

(Submission #212)


The french COVADIS, an acronym for "validation committee of geographic information", has been working since its creation in 2008 to produce french national standards of GIS data to be mainly used, exchanged and diffused by the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of environment, energy and the sea, their regional or departmental decentralized services. Public standards are also available to local collectives or even actors of the private sector. Our standardization approach is based on achieving a consensus between existing information system, local needs, national objectives and EU directives. The collective process starts with the goal to clarify the perimeter of the new standard with respect to needs expression as well as already existing national standards (part A). Next we examine existing data to identify invariant concepts (classes, relations, attributes) and to rely on existing INSPIRE Technical GuidelinesĀ : such a part B iterative process leads to an INSPIRE compatible but also enriched and french localized application schema. Implementation is Part C next concern, with the objective to produce a ready to use data structure, that is very convenient to implement by mean of usual geographical file formats or DBMS. A rigourus approval process including at least a technical presentation, a public request for comments, a restitution of improvement changes, and a second presentation take place before final approval by our commission. COVADIS publicated standards also come with compliant data structure templates, that are made available within a unique web repository that is part of the national spatial data infrastructure called GeoIDE. When cataloging its data, a producer may also use a served or standalone validator. But now our latest standards also include an INSPIRE compliance Part D that contains french (but unlocalized) enriched and INSPIRE full-compliant application schemes, as well as the rules to reverse mapping part C physical data. Such rules could certainly be implemented into web services to serve INSPIRE compliant data from COVADIS compliant one. Furthermore, with some kind of maintenance of older COVADIS standards and if needed, a large amount of already existing data could potentially also be INSPIRE compliant served in a more or less long term. We will mostly focus our presentation on new part D concepts, techniques and tools, with illustrations from existing standards and actual data from the topic "wind energy".


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   COVADIS, national standards, application schema, enriched, GeoIDE, templates repository, validator, compliance

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