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Towards an Inspired e-Reporting?

Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias, Christian Ansorge and Stefan Jensen

(Submission #217)


This workshop aims at triggering a discussion about the state and outlook of the use of INSPIRE for environmental reporting with a particular focus on the implementation option known as “Linked Approach”, a blueprint for a future INSPIRE-based reporting. A presentation on the EEA-DG ENV concept paper “The future of eReporting and the link to INSPIRE” will set the scene, followed-up by an overview of the Linked Approach solution and a few implementation examples (CDDA – Common Database on Designated Areas and the EU Registry on industrial sites). A structured discussion will then be organised around a few key issues such as the benefits and challenges of the Linked Approach solution, the feasibility of other extension mechanisms for e-Reporting and the opportunities and risks of the change in the reporting paradigm (i.e. central submission versus web service harvesting). Member States representatives will be encouraged to actively contribute to the discussions so as to learn about national experiences, best practices and windows of opportunity to progress towards an e-Reporting re-using INSPIRE. The outcomes of the discussions will be a valuable contribution to the formulation of a stepwise and pragmatic roadmap for further use of the INSPIRE infrastructure in the reporting processes.


Topic Area:  [3.2] End user applications on the use of INSPIRE with a focus on regulatory monitoring and reporting
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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Comments:   environmental reporting, linked approach, web service, harvesting, extension mechanisms, EEA, EIONET


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