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Too much trust for the past - problems of hydro-graphical data credibility

Jan Pryzowicz and Agnieszka Szajnert

(Submission #221)


Land and marine water environment is dynamically changing due to variety of factors, both natural and artificial. INSPIRE spatial data sets containing the most accurate hydro-graphical information are essential for effective national and regional water management, environmental monitoring, spatial planning, risk assessment etc. Often, hydro-graphical spatial data sets are effect of digitalization of paper topographical maps and other archival materials. Countries like Poland, possessing complex river networks, have problems with verifying data credibility. Due to funds limitations and scarce human resources, field surveys are not the answer. Programs carried out by the European Space Agency may provide the suitable solution for this problem. Poland aims to use this new source of data to solve problems with water reservoirs borders designation which is essential for proper designation of lake water bodies, changes in run of rivers, their character or even existence.


Topic Area:  [1.8] Spatial planning (land – maritime)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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