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Priority list of datasets for eReporting

Stefan Jensen and Joeri Robbrecht

(Submission #222)


The workshop is part of the INSPIRE Multiannual Implementation Work Program (MIWP). Based on the evaluation of reporting obligations under the environmental legislation, done in the framework of the Better Regulation EC initiative a preliminary list of common datasets related to environmental reporting obligations has been prepared by the DG ENV. At the same time the INSPIRE maturity and the digital readiness of the involved (reporting) communities need to be assessed and documented in the list as well. The workshop constitutes the start of the work of the subgroup where the scope is to further develop a list of datasets related to environmental reporting and support MSs with making these datasets accessible through the European Spatial Data Infrastructure in a step wise manner. The workshop will further explain the scope, discuss tasks and plan joint activities of the subgroup to integrate eReporting and INSPIRE following the policy priorities at European level and bringing them in line with the Member State implementation.


Topic Area:  [3.1] Fostering “Fitness for purpose”
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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