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Spanish Hydrography IGR product: Implementation of INSPIRE Directive in a reference theme

Paloma Abad, Celia Sevilla-Sánchez, Antonio F. Rodriguez-Pascual, Miguel Villalón-Esquinas, Hugo Potti-Manjavacas and Jaime Sánchez-Fanjul

(Submission #224)


In 2014, the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN) launched a new production system of Geospatial Reference Information (GRI) of high resolution and INSPIRE compliant (2007/2/CE Directive), in line with the United Nation decisions about GRI Management and also fitting user requirements at national, European and global level.

In the case of IGR of hydrography, there is a need of providing information for mapping and for hydrological simulation including the topological network and also digital hydrological models, as flow direction and accumulation models.

The application schema generated at IGN Spain is INSPIRE compliant and is based in the two use cases developed in the INSPIRE specifications:

The production of GRI of hydrography following GRI_HY Data specifications was carried out at two levels: considering the existing data (GRI_HY v.0) and from a new geometry (GRI_HY v.1):


Topic Area:  [3.1] Fostering “Fitness for purpose”
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Hydrography, Geospatial Reference Information, GRI, INSPIRE implementation

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