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Status of INSPIRE Implementation in EU Member States - 2017

Christian Ansorge and Stefan Jensen

(Submission #233)


The monitoring of the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive provides us with a focused and structured view on the Member States’ progress. This yearly monitoring obligation is based on Article 21 of the INSPIRE Directive and the European Commission decision about monitoring and reporting. At the 15th of May 2017, the sixth yearly monitoring cycle is closing which is of importance in the light of the coming milestone for Annex I datasets and service interoperability. As part of their monitoring obligation Member States provide, beside raw data, indicators mainly addressing the effectiveness of the Directive. These are among other indicators regarding the quantity of data sets and network services available or regarding their conformity.

This presentation will show the most recent developments and the trends in the implementation of the spatial data infrastructure in the Member States. While such progress is occurring over the past years, there is a clear difference by Member States and group patterns are emerging. There is also a distinct difference dependent on type of the INSPIRE service provided. Further to the status of implementation, it will also address the uptake of the INSPIRE dashboard as tool to simplify the reporting process. The INSPIRE dashboard is a joint development under the MIG which allows Member States to harvest their national spatial infrastructures and to generate the reporting information automatically.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Continued support to implementation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Status of implementation; Monitoring and Reporting; Dashboard

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