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Has the Copernicus services’ access to geospatial data been improved through the implementation of INSPIRE?

Jandirk Bulens, Thorsten Reitz, Henrik Steen Andersen and Johnny te Roller

(Submission #235)


Copernicus is a European Union Programme providing innovative earth observation systems and services and ensure Europe's independent access to environmental knowledge and key observation and geo-information gathering technologies. The timely implementation of INSPIRE is considered an important source of in situ data for the Copernicus programme and consequently for its end users. The implementation of INSPIRE is likely to increase the number of available data sets and services relevant for the Copernicus services, and facilitate discovery and access operations considerably. With this in mind the EEA initiated a study with a view to verifying if the overall availability and usability of INSPIRE data sets, required by the Copernicus services, will be positively impacted in pace with the implementation of INSPIRE in the Member States. Since the implementation of INSPIRE is still in progress, there is an opportunity to identify possible issues or shortcomings and to identify proper measures to close these gaps in alignment with the implementation of INSPIRE.

The main objectives of this study are to: •Identify currently published INSPIRE data sets that meet the Copernicus in situ data needs based on the requirements for the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS) and Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS);

•Identify possible barriers and gaps that may limit Copernicus services’ application of INSPIRE;

•Assess if these barriers may be overcome in pace with the continued implementation of INSPIRE;

•Propose possible measures for expanding and improving the Copernicus’ use of INSPIRE capacities.

At this workshop the study’s findings, and conclusions and recommendations will be presented and discussed with the workshop participants, and actions intended to further improve the Copernicus’ use of INSPIRE capacities and services will be proposed. The main objective of this workshop is to compile a list of recommendations and actions intended to improve the Copernicus services’ exploitation of current and future INSPIRE capacities with a view to increasing the number and quality of geospatial datasets available for production and validation of Copernicus products.


Topic Area:  [1.2] Environmental monitoring and assessments
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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