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Closing the INSPIRE implementation gap by contributing to SDI technology developments

Lena Hallin-Pihlatie, Riikka Repo, Suvi Hatunen, Mikko Hynninen and Ilkka Rinne

(Submission #236)


The Envibase project is joint project, led by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) with partners from the Finnish Museum of Natural History (LUOMUS) and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The project is financed by the Ministry of Finance in Finland and by the participating organisations. The project is carried out in 2015–2017 with a total budget of 7 M€. A very small share of this budget has since the beginning of 2016 been allocated for testing tools for publishing web services. (

SYKE has the status of a Legally Mandated Organisation (LMO) within INSPIRE, being a data provider in 19 of the 34 INSPIRE themes according to the national SDI legislation. SYKE has a mature environmental SDI, providing a long list of spatial datasets and web services applying the CC 4.0 BY licence also for external use (

The SDI of SYKE is mainly built and maintained with ESRI tools. The Envibase project gave SYKE the opportunity to test other tools for publishing services and to build a test version of the technical environment required. One goal of this work was to meet the needs for producing INSPIRE (WFS) services. An environment was built based on PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer with INSPIRE and AppSchema plugins and HALE. A WFS service providing datasets harmonised according to the INSPIRE Protected Sites theme was published. The harmonised datasets (GML) passed the validation, but the WFS service failed to pass the “provision of one dataset per endpoint”, that is TG Requirement 5.2 for Download Services.

During the process, SYKE has been able to report and contribute to the fixing of various bugs. For example the open search support in Geonetwork and the coordinate system support in GDAL have been improved as a result of feedback from SYKE. SYKE is also in the process of funding enhancements to GeoServer and the AppSchema plugin which for example will make it possible to isolate workspaces so that TG Requirement 5.2 for Download Services can be met and so that GeoServer-based web services, such as INSPIRE network services can be more easily and flexibly managed and maintained in the near future.

This presentation explains the work and technology developments undertaken in more detail.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Continued support to implementation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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