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Geocoding Statistical Business Register and it's effect on statistical dissemination - a good example how standardized address system can enhance the quality of statistical products

Mari-Liis Otsing and Ülle Valgma

(Submission #240)


Estonian Government regulation No 251 „Address Data System“ was adopted on 1st of January 2008. ADS has a register status and its main goals are the creation of the central database of addresses, implementation of the standard for geographical addresses. The ADS is a system which coordinates the co-operation between the administrative bodies involved and ensures the maintenance of databases containing the data for addresses. During the project the table with full list of addresses (Statistical Addresses Database or SAD) was compiled. As SBR includes three levels – register live database, frozen frame databases and annually made register copies starting from 1995, all unique addresses that met in these levels were included in SAD. Addresses were aggregated from all statistical units of the register – legal units, enterprises and local kind of activity units level. The Estonian Land Board as the chief processor of ADS data has developed many ways for the normalisation and geocoding of addresses: 1) X-Road service, 2) mass geocoding from the table in the online application, 3) geocoding of a single item in the public online application.

All these possibilities currently only function with valid ADS addresses. The historic state is not taken into account, but the Estonian Land Board has noted it down as a development need. Geocoded results were aggregated according to guidelines described GEOSTAT1 report and were published in Statistics Estonia Web Map Application.


Topic Area:  [3.3] Alignment with national, EU and international policies/initiatives
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