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Reusing INSPIRE for environmental reporting

Christian Ansorge and Stefan Jensen

(Submission #241)


While the implementation of INSPIRE is progressing, visible among others in the improvements in data availability, harmonization and coordination, the environmental reporting landscape is still highly heterogeneous. Environmental reporting processes and data flows were commonly developed within their communities without taking interoperability or synergies with other communities into account. Together with the progressing implementation of the INSPIRE Directive environmental reporting data flows are going to change to integrate Member States efforts. The modular re-use of INSPIRE for environmental reporting offers an opportunity to reduce fragmentation, to streamline and harmonize the data flows, which address very different policy needs and requirements. This presentation will discuss the requirements on the environmental reporting systems and the feasibility of a modular re-use of INSPIRE in the context of a large number of different environmental data flows. While there are several ways to extent the INSPIRE data models in order to adjust them to the individual use cases, EEA developed and tested the “Linked Approach” which is based on linking external resources to INSPIRE compliant data sources. This extension methodology is based on the split between data required by the INSPIRE legal framework and those data outside of it. The environmental monitoring data not required by the INSPIRE data specifications is going to be kept in external reporting files which link to INSPIRE resources to provide the spatial reference. The aim of this approach is among other, to reduce further fragmentation, to reuse Member States efforts in the INSPIRE implementation and to minimize costs for provision and consumption of environmental reporting data. In the second part of this presentation the principle of the Linked Approach is demonstrated on the CDDA example. The Linked Approach is currently tested in the context of the CDDA data flow which will include INSPIRE Protected Sites in its data delivery from 2018 onwards.


Topic Area:  [1.2] Environmental monitoring and assessments
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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