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The Belgian federal geo-platform: targeting the statistical community

Nathalie Delattre, Pierre Jamagne and Danny Vandenbroucke

(Submission #245)


The priority of the Belgian federal geo-platform is to make accessible to and share with the public sector and the broader stakeholder community, the services and geographical datasets owned and maintained by the federal institutions according to the INSPIRE Directive. The community of data and services providers are cooperating, so as to feed the platform under the umbrella of the National Geographic Institute (NGI) of Belgium which is in charge of the geo-platform implementation and maintenance.

A collaborative approach was developed to involve all the relevant stakeholders. Among them, Statistics Belgium has been a pioneer in providing INSPIRE datasets regarding statistics and demography. A bilateral agreement has been set up to share the tasks and responsibilities with regard to the setup of services, the maintenance of metadata, spatial data transformation, validation and the setup of services and security mechanisms. As Statistics Belgium is in charge of the data transformation, the NGI is in charge of the validation and the set up and hosting of the INSPIRE web services.
The presentation will describe the solutions applied by Statistics Belgium to transform their data and the results, and how cooperation has been established between the partners. Some of the results will be shown on the federal geoportal. Lessons learned will be presented as well


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Statistics , Cooperation

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