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Building on INSPIRE - the need for a pan-European geospatial data service

Michael CORY

(Submission #247)


There is a need for a comprehensive service providing access to authoritative geospatial information in Europe. No such service exists in Europe. Such a service will make core INSPIRE reference data available to meet the needs of the European Commission and its institutions. It will meet the needs for sustainable and reliable access to in situ data, for the purposes of calibration and validation of space borne observations required by the European Union’s earth observation system, Copernicus. The programme will support national bodies ability to meet their National policy obligations, and it complements their activities and provides member states, and others, with a means to meet their obligation to supply their data and services in a global market place. This global geospatial market is a ‘crowded market’ with many established players. Whilst barriers to entry into the large‐scale mapping market continue to reduce, with an increasing number of commercial organisations competing in areas that have the potential for a high economic return, the market has not yet produced a comprehensive service, except to meet narrow, commercially profitable requirements. Therefore the maintenance of an accurate, detailed and trusted geospatial information base will remain the role of governments and their National mapping, land registration and cadastral authorities. This is borne out by evidence from Australia, where PSMA has been operating successfully for some years, offering authoritative, national location datasets sourced from state authorities, underpinning a range of business solutions and government services. EuroGeographics vision is for a European society which makes decisions informed by its members’ accurate, authoritative and quality-assured land and geo-information data, services and expertise. In order to meet its strategic objectives EuroGeographics has set-out and agreed its strategic intent to develop an operational European Location Service to meet the need for providing access to authoritative geospatial information in Europe from its members.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
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