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Bruce McCormack

(Submission #249)


The overall aim of the presentation would be to take stock of the INSPIRE initiative through the means of a SWOT analysis and then use Ireland as a case study. An important secondary aim would be to highlight the Opportunities aspect of the SWOT analysis and to tease out opportunities for both the public and private sectors within the context of a rapidly changing spatial information environment.

The overall structure of the presentation would be quite straight forward.

Section 1 would be titled ‘The Current INSPIRE State of Play’. Given the time constraints and the fact that other presentations at the conference would almost certainly cover this topic in some detail, this section would only provide a broad overview, but it would however be sufficiently detailed to provide a suitable context for the rest of the presentation.

Section 2 would have the title ‘The Emerging Spatial Information Environment’. As we are all very much aware, the SI environment is changing rapidly and it is imperative for us to be focussing on what could be coming down the track in order to get a perspective on the future environment in which INSPIRE will be operating. Issues such as machine learning/AI, 5G, Linked Data and many others, both technical and non-technical, would be highlighted in this section.

Section 3 – ‘SWOT’. A standard SWOT analysis would be undertaken with the focus on INSPIRE in the emerging future. After presenting the overall SWOT Ireland would be used as a case study. At the end of this section overall conclusions would be highlighted, and in so doing provide a balanced holistic overview of INSPIRE.

Section 4 would focus on the Opportunities aspect of the SWOT. Opportunities and benefits which are of a ‘low hanging fruit’ and a ‘big bang for the buck’ nature would be the particular focus of attention. At least three such opportunities would be highlighted, but at least another three would also be mentioned. In the case of each listed opportunity some suggestions regarding how the opportunities may be realised would be identified and discussed.

We consider that a presentation along the abovementioned lines would provide a sound basis for ongoing discussion, debate, reflection and action. If some significant means of leveraging the ideas in the presentation beyond the conference itself could be found this would be really great.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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