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INSPIRE In a Box - a complete virtual appliance for INSPIRE network services based on deegree designed for on premise and cloud use

Andreas Rose and Torsten Friebe

(Submission #252)


The operation of a SDI begins with its assembly. This is a quite complex and error-prone task, because a large number of software products all of them mutually dependant have to co-operate without error. The software to assemble begins with the Spatial Data Services and extends through Java containers and databases right down to the operating system. In the further course it becomes clear that the maintenance of the software also is complex. It will not be sufficient to install singular patches. The software has to be seen as a whole and the maintenance process has to cover each and every single item. The solution: INSPIRE In a Box - a virtual appliance ready to use. The “Box” provides software and configuration. The Docker images and concepts making it easy to run INSPIRE network services in the cloud. The “Box” delivers all requirements for such a set up. The “Box” consists of deegree application Pre-configured deegree workspaces for INSPIRE deegree Docker image with instructions how to run deegree Docker containers in the cloud The “Box” can be extended easily: Functional with new deegree workspaces, styles, deegree extensions and as well non-functional: Docker containers provide easy scaling and resource optimization by adding and removing new instances of deegree, working with all known advantages of cloud-usage. Thus high flexibility is achieved.


Topic Area:  [2.6] INSPIRE in the Cloud and On-line platforms for exposing, accessing and using spatial data and services, including the relevancy of INSPIRE for Big Data analytics.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Virtual Appliance Cloud Pre-configured deegree workspaces for INSPIRE INSPIRE In a Box

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