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Enabling the Open Data Community with INSPIRE data

Björn Fleischer, André Caffier and Thore Fechner

(Submission #256)


How can the Open Data Community benefit and re-use geospatial data that is published and disseminated following common geospatial and INSPIRE standards? What are opportunities and barriers if this data is presented to a wider audience? Finally, how does the INSPIRE community benefit from this audience? The activists, hackers, tinkerers, and makers of the Open Data Community think inherently 'outside of the box' and they often encounter standardized geospatial data for the first time, questioning and challenging the status quo.

This talk focuses on the first-hand experiences of Open.NRW, the official Open Government Initiative of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW, Germany), that teamed up with the INSPIRE experts and providers of the federal state. Together, they opened up a large portion of the geospatial data of the federal state. The data is published on NRW’s Open Data Portal free of charge under open licenses in its original formats and services. NRW is one of the first federal states in Germany to achieve this and relies on the spatial data infrastructure of NRW for the dissemination of the data. Attendees of the talk can expect insights into the process and the necessary coordination, hurdles that had to be overcome, and first glimpses into the public and positive reception of the undertaking.

Furthermore, the talk will shed light on how Open.NRW has started and continues establishing a community surrounding the published Open Data through activities like round-tables, hackathons, and boot camps. The result is a merged and active community from different domains and backgrounds that is proud of its open mindset.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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