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Usage of Simple Feature data model in the Finnish Meteorological Institute INSPIRE download service

Mikko Visa and Roope Tervo

(Submission #258)


Finnish Meteorological Institute provides most of its data sets via WFS Download Service in three different data models; Grid Series Observation, Time Series Observation and Simple Feature. Initially there was only support for Grid Series Observation and Time Series Observation in our implementation. Simple Feature support was added later on, mainly due to the implementation of WFS 2.0 Store support in Geoserver WMS that benefit from the addition of Simple Feature data model.

As there seem to be ongoing talks and a growing demand for more simple data models, this presentation will give an overview on how the popularity of data sets provided in the Simple Feature data model have evolved over time in comparision with Grid Series Observation and Time Series Observation data models and tries to answer if they might be one solution for a simpler way to access the data.


Topic Area:  [1.2] Environmental monitoring and assessments
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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