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Geopunt, the INSPIRED geoportal of Flanders, a success story

Laura D'heer and Loes Deventer

(Submission #261)

Abstract was first released November 2013. The Flemish government aimed to reach both citizens and experts with its geoportal serving spatial data from several government agencies. Rather than creating separate solutions for each of our functional requirements we tried to create an over-arching application to meet our business and legal requirements. By combining location based and layer based information in an intuitive web interface, the modal user definitely benefits of aggregating a variety of data sources to answer everyday life questions: Is there a childcare facility or school close to work or home? Is this area prone to flooding? Are there roadworks going on or planned on my way to work? More advanced geo-users, at the other hand, are served with integrated tools that allow them to do basic data analysis on the rich set of data published by the SDI-Flanders community. Besides the portal we also provide them a number of API solutions that allow to integrate the data into their business processes.
Geopunt also establishes the Flemish node in a European SDI and answers the requirements of the INSPIRE directive. After 4 years we can conclude that Geopunt has become a very convenient access point to geographical information for a broad range of users. During this session we will show the successes of Geopunt with numbers that are indisputable. The acceptance of the portal is proven by its usage: the portal as such, the several eGovernment services (that use INSPIRE and SDI resource), the Geopunt metadata, the plug-ins that are open to use and re-use, … Geopunt is still growing and evolving. As we speak we are investigating the integration of statistical data into the geoportal. Combining the spatial data with statistical data will be an enrichment of the Geopunt possibilities for several types of users.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Keywords: Geoportal, Metadata, eGovernment, Open Data, eGovernement service, Geographical Information, INSPIRE Directive, Agency for Information in Flanders, SDI Flanders

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