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The INSPIRE compliant answer on Transport Networks data from the National Geographic Institute of Spain

Alicia Gonzalez, Bernabe Moreno, Sarah Cernuda and Beatriz Brenes

(Submission #263)


In March 2014, the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN-Spain) started the production of the Transport Network (TN) dataset as a seamless Geographical Reference Information Data Base all over Spain, with a double target: - The creation of a seamless, homogeneous and coherent geospatial database of TN data, being both a data product itself and the data source for other cartographical products published by this Institution. - To ensure the INSPIRE compliant answer on TN data from Spain, as a Member State, to the European Commission, by providing the existing transports geospatial datasets and fulfilling the INSPIRE Implementing Rules, before November 2017. In March 2017, the first version of the IGN-Spain TN Dataset was completed. It is a linear three-dimensional network, with implicit topology, that contains the infrastructures and intermodal connections of the five transports modes included in INSPIRE data specifications. It has been completed by, firstly, reusing existing official data and, secondly, adapting them to the IGN-Spain TN application schema, which is an extension of the INSPIRE TN model. The TN database runs under open source software.
Since the beginning, this project has been recognised as a best-practice of INSPIRE implementation on TN data by many Regional Mapping Agencies. Even more one of them, the Valencian Cartographic Institute, has directly carried out the data production in that region.
The TN data and their metadata are currently accessible by INSPIRE compliant services: discovery (, view (, and download services ( In addition, as these data are open data they can be also downloaded in shp format from the Download Centre web page of the National Centre of Geographic Information (CNIG). Nowadays, the challenge is to face the maintenance and updating of the dataset, altogether with the distributed production of new and improved versions of the data, with special focus on the fitness for use of the dataset for the current and potential users. The IGN-Spain experience during these years has shown that the TN model is suitable for the Mapping Agencies and it has awakened the general interest among other Governmental Agencies and Administrations.


Topic Area:  [1.10] Transport - Mobility
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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