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Taking full advantage of your SDI with Oskari

Timo Aarnio

(Submission #267)


Oskari ( is an open source solution for disseminating and utilizing data from SDIs such as the INSPIRE SDI through a browser based single page application. Oskari is developed in an open network and has just been accepted to the incubation process of OSGeo. After completing the process Oskari will be an official OSGeo project along with other great projects that are already there.

In March 2017 Oskari got the second place in the ISA2 Share & Reuse Awards Contest in the Cross Border category. It was the most demanding category that consisted of collaboratively developed common IT solutions across borders. Indeed, Oskari has been used in a lot of international cross border projects, such as Arctic SDI and ELF/ELS, in addition to the national level implementations such as the Icelandic and Finnish Geoportals.

This presentation will show the current developments around Oskari in the many projects contributing to the software this year. Examples of the developments include joining spatial and statistical data with a completely rewritten flexible thematic maps tool, WCS and SOS support, WMS-T support improvements and multi-projection support. It should be interesting to anyone who wants to take full advantage of their already existing and upcoming SDIs!


Topic Area:  [2.6] INSPIRE in the Cloud and On-line platforms for exposing, accessing and using spatial data and services, including the relevancy of INSPIRE for Big Data analytics.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   GIS, Oskari, Platform, open source, SDI, WMS, WFS, SDMX, INSPIRE, thematic maps

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