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GDI-DE Coordinative Challenges – From a Federal to a Common Vision of INSPIRE Datasets

Katja Werle

(Submission #268)


Administrative and legal boundaries of federal states complicate the establishment of effectiveness and efficiency of spatial data infrastructures for INSPIRE. Know-how deficits in the identification of datasets and their responsible data providers were already recognized, but the resources of coordination and cooperation for solutions are limited. Developing a common vision of INSPIRE relevant datasets in a federal state needs alternative approaches – especially in administrative bodies. Germany defined several actions to improve the implementation of INSPIRE across all administrative levels. The first part includes interventions to provide spatial data as efficiently and homogeneously as possible for INSPIRE. One of these tasks is the achievement of a common view on INSPIRE relevant datasets in all federal states. The purpose of this task is to eliminate the lack of knowledge concerning the determination of INSPIRE relevant datasets, the identification of spatial data-owners and subsequently, to boost their “goodwill” and cooperativeness to provide these data. Following this idea, a platform was set up in the GDI-DE Wiki to build an expertise network with all parties involved. In this way, the exchange of information across all administrative levels and an area for discussions becomes possible. As a first result of the task more than 300 spatial datasets were investigated for their INSPIRE relevance and were assigned to the INSPIRE themes, to potential data providers and to their legal basis across all administrative levels. Only data-owners are authorized to assess the INSPIRE relevance of their datasets, but they are usually at the lowest level of administration. The challenge is to get a common view of INSPIRE relevant datasets in each federal state itself and even more challenging, one common understanding in the whole republic. The complexity of the individual and heterogeneous views of INSPIRE relevance in all of the 16 federal states of Germany will be presented. The methodology and experiences of the integration of all authorities opinions will be introduced and the next steps of achieving a common view of INSPIRE datasets will be illustrated.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
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Comments:   GDI-DE; Federal State, Common View; INSPIRE Challenges

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