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Keep it simple while implementing INSPIRE - Nordic view on technical simplification issues, needs and possibilities

Arvid Lillethun, Hafliði Sigtryggur Magnússon, Jari Reini, Lars Erik Storgaard and Anders O. Rydén

(Submission #269)


One of the challenges with the full implementation of the INSPIRE directive is that the complex encoding, as the application schemas in the TG Data specifications, is copied into the legal binding Implementing Rules on Interoperability. Several implementers and consultants have expressed a need for a simpler encoding as an alternative to the existing relative complex one.

The purpose of this presentation is to come up with suggestions of how to implement INSPIRE in a more simple way. But we should not only look at the requirements on harmonization, but on all major requirements; sharing, metadata, discovery, view and download service and harmonization/interoperability. There are many activities that could make Inspire data and services more useful, that would not require changes in regulations.

1.SHARING: We will touch on the idea of implementing Inspire in steps as with: basic, essential and prime data. The huge effort in establishing the complex INSPIRE data structures can be difficult to justify taken into account there are still few pan-European use case for INSPIRE. This is suggested with the idea that the essential part is to deliver features and attributes in a readable file, and that the thematic content therefore count more than the technical structure of the data, as a first step.

2.METADATA: How can we better focus on content in Inspire, and which data are most important. With joint overview we will more easily find comparable data from different providers.

3.SERVICE: We discuss how additional publishing of the content of Inspire, such as with Rest-api’s over metadata and other services can be used so that the usefulness of the data may increase and what ways are most important for users.

4.HARMONIZATION/INTEROPERABILITY: We will try to contribute with a concrete example on how complex an (on the surface simple) INSPIRE data model/application schema is when it unfolded. This includes among other a proposal for simplification in terms of: •How to handle voidable attributes •The flattening of specializations •Suggestion of change in multiplicity (from 1…* to e.g. 1...5) •How to do the flattening of complex attributes such as CI_citation, RelatedParty, Geographical Names etc.

The result presented in this presentation are combined ideas from the INSPIRE technical specialist from the Nordic countries. The Nordic suggestions of simplifying the INSPIRE implementation is meant to make it more user friendly both for implementors of INSPIRE-data and services, as well as for users.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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