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Leveraging Cloud Infrastructure for INSPIRE Services

Ken Bragg

(Submission #271)


Cloud infrastructure is now available as a cost effective and efficient alternative to on-premises provision of INSPIRE Services from providers such as Amazon and Microsoft. Also, managed software services available on the Cloud provide a means for quick deployment of INSPIRE services.

This presentation will provide an overview and introduction to these technologies from an INSPIRE implementation perspective, discussing the following questions:

  1. How, from a technical perspective, do Cloud services help us provide INSPIRE data? We will address specific services such as AWS S3 and AMI as well emerging Cloud-based databases and managed services. Attendees will be walked through some specific examples of how INSPIRE download and view services can be provided via the Cloud more efficiently and cost-effectively than by using in-house infrastructure.

  2. What are the security implications of using Cloud services? This presentation will discuss the options available and contrast cloud security with on-premises security implementation. Attendees will gain an understanding of the benefits and downsides of each, leaving with the information required to asses if cloud services provide the security they require.

  3. How can the Cloud be leveraged to improve availability and performance of INSPIRE services? Latency of on-premises services vs Cloud services will be discussed, as well as a Cloud based content delivery networks (CDNs) and the advantages they bring.

  4. How can costs be reduced by using Cloud services rather than on-premises services? Real client use cases will be outlined and described, showing budgetary contrasts and the final solution that was chosen for each project.

  5. What are the barriers to moving systems to the Cloud, and how can these be overcome? The logistics and organizational considerations of switching to a cloud-based solution will be discussed, and options explored, including ETL as a way to migrate information from on-premises to cloud systems.

Attendees will leave this presentation with a solid comprehension of the efficiencies and savings provided by Cloud services, equipped with the knowledge and tools to evaluate migrating INSPIRE services to the Cloud.


Topic Area:  [2.6] INSPIRE in the Cloud and On-line platforms for exposing, accessing and using spatial data and services, including the relevancy of INSPIRE for Big Data analytics.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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