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GDI-DE and INSPIRE-Bridge Schleswig-Holstein – a practical view on INSPIRE implementation

Nicolas Hagemann, Nicole Ruhe and Tiemo Merkel

(Submission #277)


INSPIRE data specification and guidance documents are often perceived as too complex. An approach to support easier implementation can be drawn from the spatial data infrastructure of Schleswig-Holstein (GDI-SH), a federal infrastructure in Germany and part of the spatial data infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE). A centralised tool, the INSPIRE-Bridge, has been developed to simplify the way for data owners to transform spatial data into INSPIRE data models. The INSPIRE-Bridge is web-accessible and free for use within the GDI-SH. A crucial aspect is the pre-standardisation of data input by data owners in collaboration with the coordination office of the GDI-SH and the thematic expert networks. After user-specific calibration and process configuration, done by the coordination office of the GDI-SH, users can upload predefined data set to the technical infrastructure of the GDI-SH. The data processing is done fully automated by servers and software of the GDI-SH architecture. The schema transformation itself is done by Extract-Transform-Load processes of the INSPIRE-Bridge. By using this structure, data owners can avoid the challenge of complex INSPIRE data models and receive INSPIRE-compliant data. Furthermore, the GDI-SH allows data providers to publish their data through view, download and catalogue services operated by the coordination office. After successful transformation, the INSPIRE-Bridge can automatically update the user’s services within the GDI-SH. The presentation raises the question, whether such a generic transformation tool for data owners can contribute to overcome some of the difficulties when implementing INSPIRE. Use cases will be presented. A focus is put on the lessons learned after the first implementation of the INSPIRE-Bridge and its application in practice. Furthermore, technical and organisational challenges and their criticality to the success are pointed out and conclusions of factors for the success of a central transformation tool on a federal level are drawn. The presentation ends with an outlook of further developments and the potential for different afteruses.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Technologies and tools to support implementing, using and assessing the technical implementation of INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   INSPIRE implementation, schema transformation, transformation tool, spatial data infrastructure, Extract-Transform-Load, GDI-DE, GDI-SH

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