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GMLID.EU - data access point for short URLs. Harmonized access to harmonized data using INSPIRE WFS download services

Sorin RUSU, Iurie Maxim and Daniel Cocanu

(Submission #281)


In the 10 years of implementation efforts, a great number of approaches have been taken by Memeber States and the national spatial data infrastructures to help build the different pieces of the European INSPIRE network. This decentralized and heterogenous approach has created the vast variety in implmentation that we see in INSPIRE at the moment, and very little in the way of mechanisms to access data in an uniform and harmonized way. Getting the data you need should be an easy and straightforward process and short URLs are the way to go! We will present an existing functional approach for data referencing on the web, by retrieving INSPIRE GML data through the use of standardized short URLs, leveraging advanced web and WFS functionalities, in order to provide a simple yet effective mechanism for feature retrieval from download services, coming from multiple Memeber State endpoints, which are serving multiple complex datasets, featuring multiple feature-types.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Technologies and tools to support implementing, using and assessing the technical implementation of INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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