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INSPIRE & - the challenge of cross-domain metadata mapping

Anja Litka

(Submission #282)


A Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) should focus on supporting interoperability rather than adhere to an individual specification or standard. Germany has to cope with two approaches of metadata profiles in this scope.

On the one hand there is the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE), an EU-Directive to establish a cross-border access to environmental spatial information using the interface of the OGC services, e.g. CSW. The main metadata standards are ISO 19115, 19119 and the INSPIRE metadata technical guidelines.

On the other hand is the European Data Portal, which is based on an application profile of the W3C Data Catalogue vocabulary (DCAT). It is a specification for describing public sector data sets to improve the access and increase the value of open data. The profile use the RDF vocabulary, which enable the interoperability of metadata records between web-based data catalogues and the transformation to linked data sets.

Nevertheless the INSPIRE and open/linked data idea is to enable a user-friendly search and access to data sets and services with the help of metadata.

The SDI for Germany, GDI-DE is the national initiative to build up and facilitate a network which include “both types of data” within the scope of eGovernment. At the moment the transformation between the different metadata portals contains errors, because the metadata is mapped insufficiently. Therefore the GDI-DE should extend its architecture to an integration framework that supports all kind of metadata data sets and services in an interoperable scope. In that context the next two important steps are, to define a “core-version” with the mandatory INSPIRE metadata elements, which are supported by the German profile and an “extended-version” with all INSPIRE metadata elements, which are supported by the German profile It is necessary to evaluate requirements and/or recommendations for the mapping to ensure the interoperability and enable a sustainable cross-domain data sharing policy.

The presentation focuses on the challenge of the mapping between INSPIRE XML-based to RDF-based open data metadata data sets and services. These include and regard also the issues of the multi-language approach of DCAT-AP to INSPIRE, as well the spatial reference of INSPIRE to DCAT-AP.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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