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New developments on the Portuguese National Spatial Data Infrastructure and INSPIRE implementation

Mário Caetano, Paulo Patrício, Alexandra Fonseca, Ana Luísa Gomes, André Serronha, António João Herdeiro, Danilo Furtado, Henrique Silva and Vanda Bica

(Submission #286)


New developments on SNIG and INSPIRE implementation in Portugal were pursued during last year, aiming to address the main issues raised in the 2015 diagnostic study and the five year Vision for the NSDI and INSPIRE (SNIG2020), produced through collaborative and participatory processes.

During this period the SNIG legislation was revised. The SNIG decree-law that transposed the INSPIRE directive was amended to answer the requirements the EC identified as necessary to have a proper INSPIRE transposition. One of the most relevant requirements was the inclusion of the INSPIRE Annexes into the Portuguese legal act itself. DGT, as national coordinator of SNIG and INSPIRE NCP, was responsible for the preparation of this revision process which was developed with the collaboration of the INSPIRE Focal Points Network entities. This revision focused also on the articulation of the NSDI with the thematic, regional or local SDIs and on the expansion of CO-SNIG, the NSDI coordination council, to enclose all the GI data producers embraced by INSPIRE obligations.

A considerable effort was also invested on gathering the INSPIRE monitoring data submitted in May 2017. Significant changes were introduced in this process as the monitoring is now performed directly through the SNIG catalogue metadata records that include the keyword INSPIRECORE. This new approach required the development of an application to allow, through harvesting, the collection of the data directly from the SNIG metadata, using the referred keyword. After introducing this data in the EIONET form, the INSPIRE monitoring data can then be reported through a XML file.

Other areas that registered evolution include the study on Data Policies in Public Administration. This study aims to support the definition of a Data Policy for SNIG that should be adopted by SNIG entities. The study performed an overview of the legal framework and best practices for data and service sharing at the national and international level and a survey on the present situation of SNIG entities in what concerns their data policies

Moreover the creation of an annual event about SDIs, to provide a specific space for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences on SDIs was performed in Portugal in November 2016. This event allowed the discussion of the main issues around the development of SDIs in Portugal, with special emphasis given to the SDIs implementation and to the work developed by the different entities, namely on data and services harmonization.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Continued support to implementation
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Comments:   INSPIRE, SDI, legal transposition, monitoring process, data policies, communication and dissemination events

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