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MAGDA² information sharing services driving the Flemish Citizens Portal

Katrien Mostaert and Tony Vanderstraete

(Submission #288)


One of the new European General Data Production Regulations’ (GDPR) goals is to give individuals full control of their personal data. To this end each individual must be given a transparent view of which personal data has been collected, viewed or used in any manner when, why and by whom. Such an overview from a Flemish governmental perspective will be given by the Flemish Citizens Portal. The Citizens Portal will provide a broader user-centric insight in the personal data concerning each Flemish citizen, his property or residence and his environment. Property data include administrative data (e.g. cadastral income, ownership, …), geographical data (e.g. address, geometry of the building or the parcel, …) as well as environmental data (e.g. energy performance of buildings, pollution, noise, flood risk, …). The MAGDA² (Maximum Data Sharing between Administrations and Agencies) information sharing services provide the required data and logging-information on usage by the participating government bodies. This platform was built to realize the principle of the "once-only” collection of data, as well as the multiple (re)use of data. It harnesses reusable technologies that can be easily adapted to the needs of different users. MAGDA² provides one common service-oriented data exchange infrastructure, given access to data from both geographical and non-geographical authoritative sources. MAGDA²’s reusable services allow to quickly and cost-effectively integrate data from these sources into users processes and applications. This presentation will focus on how ISA² and INSPIRE guidelines and principles are used to modernize the MAGDA² platform for a better eGovernment service delivery via the Flemish Citizens Portal to our citizens.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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