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An example of Inspire collaboration in a federal country: the theme “buildings” in Belgium

Jean-Claude Jasselette

(Submission #289)


For certain Inspire themes, the regionalization of Belgium results in a complex situation. As cartography has never been officially regionalized, different public geodata coexist for the same territory in different public bodies and geodata relating to the same theme but produced by the three Regions of the country do not always follow the same logic, which makes them difficult to juxtapose. For example, in the particular case of buildings, there are, within the federal public services: on the one hand, blocks of contiguous buildings present in the large-scale database of the National Geographic Institute and, on the other hand, individual buildings represented in the Cadastral data, for tax purposes and therefore of less spatial accuracy. Within the regional public services, each region has very large-scale geodata representing the buildings but their characteristics are not homogeneous: 2D data, structured in a buildings register, in Flanders, 3D data updated very regularly in Brussels and 3D data that is not optimally updated, in Wallonia. In this context, the Belgian Inspire Coordination Committee has set up a working group on building units (BUNI) with the aim of establishing a national buildings register. Inspire represents an excellent opportunity for harmonization, but the Inspire specifications relating to buildings, through their flexibility, require choices and compromises.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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