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'WatchItGrow' as a platform for a sustainable growth of potato products and the links with European exploitation platforms and Agriculture monitoring programmes

Erwin Goor and Sven Gilliams

(Submission #3)


In March 2017, VITO launched ‘WatchItGrow’, an online platform ( which VITO and partners have setup for the Belgian potato industry in support of the sustainable growth of the potato production. The platform integrates EO-derived information, e.g. time series of different vegetation indices Sentinel-2 based ,commercial meteo data, UAV images and a yield prediction model to support the Belgian farmers in monitoring their fields and prodcution.

Users can display information available at VITO and from other providers allowing to:

The platform is built upon technology developed within the ESA-sponsored PROBA-V Mission Exploitation Platform ( VITO invested to extend this platform towards the WatchItGrow service, e.g. serving as a backend with processing of Sentinel-2 data into time series of different vegetation indices on the VITO Hadoop/Spark cluster in a scalable and fully operational way. These time series are stored in an Accumulo database and we use Geotrellis to expose RESTful Web services to perform the data analytics on the EO- and meteo- data to deliver user-tailored information on the dashboard. A WMTS viewing service offers full-resolution viewing of these high-resolution indices.

The WatchItGrow platform is currently only covering Belgium. To make the solution more scalable and to apply it as well on other crops, we are currently moving the processing and data analytics to the public cloud. This is done in several R&D projects, e.g.:

The presentation will present the WatchItGrow service, the roadmap for data analytics and processing on cloud-based platforms and the interoperability aspects with other services inline with INSPIRE.


Topic Area:  [1.11] Agriculture - forestry - aquaculture
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Keyword: agriculture, crop monitoring, exploitation platform, data analytics, Sentinel-2, Proba-V, TEP, MEP

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