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Finnish Geospatial Service Platform - high-quality interoperable public geodata and services for a digital society

Panu Muhli, Paula Ahonen-Rainio, Risto Ilves, Antti Jakobsson, Satu Taskinen, Markus Törmä and Antti Vertanen

(Submission #300)


A significant part of spatial data in Finland is currently open and free, and as a result of INSPIRE implementation national level data is being actively disseminated and consumed using INSPIRE web services. However, quality, coverage and interoperability of the primarily “as is” spatial data is often inadequate, and there is no comprehensive, coherent access to thematic data originating in different processes and organisations.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry launched in early 2017 the planning phase of a Geospatial Service Platform which is part of the Finnish Government’s key project for digitalizing public services. The Geospatial Service Platform will provide a single point of access to harmonized high-quality spatial data from local, regional and national level. The Platform will complement, not overlap, current SDI data and services, hence setting a keystone for the Finnish national SDI.

The Platform will be intrinsically user-oriented. Data providers’ and users’ needs will be targeted to provide functionalities to easily access, combine and utilize public data from a large number of inhomogeneous data sources. In particular, the Platform is designed to provide an operational environment for a service ecosystem so that private businesses can produce added-value applications and services for end-users.

The initial version of the Platform is composed of the following key modules: an evolved address information system for improving e.g. rescue operations and logistics, a next generation topographic data ecosystem and platform for local and national level, a novel process and environment for management and distribution of land use planning information, a national distribution and processing platform for satellite imagery (Copernicus data in particular) and a set of services for enhancing INSPIRE implementation.

The INSPIRE module responds to Finland’s commitment to close the implementation gaps depicted in the Finnish INSPIRE Action Plan. Harmonised Annex I-III INSPIRE data products will be extended and complemented to better match national user needs. In addition, an intelligent search functionality based on semantic techniques will improve discoverability of data. Furthermore, a novel service based on TJS standard for combining statistical data (and non-spatial data in general) with spatial data will support eReporting efforts as well as improved decision-making in the society.

To summarise, the key goal of the Geospatial Service Platform is to support data analysis, decision-making and businesses in the society based on reliable public spatial data.

The presentation will discuss the goals, main functionalities, use cases, cost-benefit analysis and roadmap of the Geospatial Service Platform project.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   The Finnish Geospatial Platform project covers several subtopics within the main topic area "Using INSPIRE for environment and the digital society". Therefore the subtopic 1.15 Other e-Government applications was selected.

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