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A Study on Data Policies in the Portuguese Public Administration in the context of SNIG

Alexandra Fonseca, Raquel Saraiva, Paulo Patrício and Mário Caetano

(Submission #310)


SNIG is the Portuguese National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), which is available on the Internet since 1995. Ever since INSPIRE Directive entered into force in 2007 that major efforts have been developed in Portugal to promote INSPIRE implementation activities, starting by setting the main organizational and operational structures involving the geographic data producers and users, most of them already involved in SNIG for several years. Initially, a strong emphasis was given to dissemination and capacity building on INSPIRE issues and to metadata creation and compliance. INSPIRE monitoring and reporting would annually involve the main national geographic information (GI) data producers that would progressively get involved in the development of services and in the discussion of data harmonization requirements and problems. These efforts generated considerable good results in what concerns metadata existence and compliance but the access to data through services, only very recently has registered a significant improvement, mainly referring to visualization services. The availability of download services is still very low and data policy is one of the reasons for this situation. Accordingly, data policy is considered as one of the priorities, and DGT, the SNIG coordinator and INSPIRE NCP, intends to study this issue and promote its discussion within the SNIG Coordination Council (CO-SNIG). In fact, the new approach to SNIG development and INSPIRE implementation in Portugal based on participated and collaborative processes, that is being pursued since 2015, produced a five year Vision for the NSDI and INSPIRE, named SNIG2020, which has, as one of its main pillars, the promotion of the open access to spatial data in a simple, intuitive and efficient way, based in an open data policy that ensures the sharing of costs among the public entities responsible for the spatial data.
To tackle this topic and encourage the achievement of this SNIG 2020 vision goal, a study on Data Policies in Public Administration was developed, which aims to support the definition of a Data Policy for SNIG to be adopted by SNIG entities. This presentation aims to perform an overview of this study that reviewed the legal framework and best practices for data and service sharing at the national and international level and performed a survey on the present situation of SNIG entities in what concerns their data policies. A specific chapter on Open data practices was developed, considering the SNIG 2020 Vision main orientations.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Continued support to implementation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Acknowledgements The authors acknowledge the collaboration of José Martins, former research scholar at DGT during the development of the study. Key-words INSPIRE, SDI, data policies, open data

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