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Why CSW INSPIRE compliant services are important for the development of real market applications.

Alejandro Guinea

(Submission #313)


To develop real applications, ready for the market, is necessary to use the spatial datasets available around Europe. However, the INSPIRE datasets are continuously changing. New datasets, updates, new areas, new attributes, there are many things that can change in a INSPIRE service. Despite they are interoperable (or they will be), it is very difficult to guarantee that one application based on these services will be working and with the latest data. The tool to support the services is a catalog. CWS catalogs are not only a tool to find the data, they are the key to follow the lifecycle of the services.
A a CSW catalog is very important to track the changes in the services, to know if a service is deprecated or if there are new versions of the data. Market applications must be connected to the catalogues, so they can be aware of any change that is happening in the data, due the data provider actions. But each data provider structure their catalogs in many ways. Some of them publish everything in the CSW catalogs, INSPIRE and non-INSPIRE datasets, geo and non-geoinformation. The internal structure as hierarchy, languages etc. is different. This situation make still the applications INSPIRE-services based quite difficult. Usually, data providers approach the services as user oriented, and not application oriented. But to extract all the added value of the services, it is important to use tools and applications that can automate processes. We can find about 200 CSW catalogs in Europe, which stores thousands of data sets and services. The presentation will show how using CSW protocol is critical to use the resources properly, and issues and good practices that we can find in the catalogs found.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   CSW catalogs, standard, update services

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