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SIRA – a single framework to search and view complex dataset through OGC services in Regione Piemonte

Antonello Navarretta and Simona Costamagna

(Submission #322)


Complex alphanumeric information originating from heterogeneous sources (e.g. administrative procedures, cadastre/registry initiatives, environmental measures…) are relevant both as search keys of elements on maps and as essential knowledge layers related to significant INSPIRE datasets (e.g. buildings, facilities…). Regione Piemonte project addresses the need of integrating geo-alphanumeric search and view capabilities in a single tool supporting standard functional patterns universally applicable to geodata, independently from thematic scope.

In detail, framework allows final users to use a web or desktop client (mobile client is yet to come) in order to: • search (by keywords or thematic categories) datasets available in one or more SDI exposing metadata through OGC CSW protocol (e.g. Regione Piemonte geoportal); • display on map datasets of interest, enabling on each dataset standard functional patterns such as: o search mask (alphanumeric) → result list (alphanumeric)→ result list (map) o result list →single record detail (alphanumeric) → single record detail (map) o result list → print/download (alphanumeric/geographic) o single record detail → print/download o map selection → result list… • browsing between related datasets at single record detail level

Back office capabilities allow framework administrators to manage for each dataset: • attributes included in search mask, result list and single record detail (supporting complex features schema) • user profiles for search/results/detail functionalities (at single attribute level) • connections with other datasets (enabling browsing functionalities).

At technological level, the tool is completely open source, built on the following main tiers:  PostgreSQL/PostGIS 9.1 -> database storage system  GeoServer 2.9 -> provides and renders OGC standard WMS e WFS services  App-schema extension -> provides support for Complex Features in GeoServer WFS  HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor (HALE) ->provides support for spatial data harmonization  configuration engine –> provides back office capabilities  Web Client > Mapstore 2 (Open Source framework developed by GeoSolutions, provides user interface, integrating and orchestrating OGC services)  Desktop Client –> QGIS

As first pilot, framework has been applied in the environmental scope, to enhance dissemination of data gathered by SIRA Piemonte (Regione Piemonte Environmental Information System, involving Province and Piemonte environmental agency), aiming both to PA and to private stakeholders. So SIRA framework is meant as a multi-task tool, e.g. in order to enhance citizen environmental awareness and participation to governance processes and to support PA reporting needs in compliance with INSPIRE Technical Guidelines for Data Specifications.


Topic Area:  [1.1 ] Sustainable management of natural resources and natural capital
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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