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INSPIRE – a backbone in spatially enabling the digital maritime society in the Baltic Sea region

Lise Schroeder, Lena Hallin-Pihlatie and Manuel Frias Vega

(Submission #325)


Last year the INTERREG project Baltic LINes project was started up, aiming at supporting cross-border collaboration in the ongoing national Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) processes. The Baltic LINes project is a result of the needs of the MSP Directive with a specific focus on the further development of the HELCOM map and database service, creating a Pan-Baltic discovery portal, which provides access to data stored in the national MSDIs. As part of the project surveys and interviews among planners have been carried out in order to be able to define the more specific data needs they have, when dealing with cross-border MSP issues. Concerning the MSDI, the main challenge in the Baltic Sea Region is how to support data usability and how to actually get access to data, that fits the purpose. Thus, the INSPIRE Directive provides a backbone for the project. Besides data specification and metadata, the project is based on INSPIRE network services, namely Web Feature Services (WFS) and Web Map Services (WMS). In this presentation, we will present the data needs of MSP in the Baltic Sea Region, their relation to the INSPIRE Directive, and their availability in general and as network services. We will also bring forward challenges, that we have encountered and the ways we have tackled them in the project so far.


Topic Area:  [1.8] Spatial planning (land – maritime)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Maritime spatial planning MSDI Digital society

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