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INSPIRE Thematic Cluster #3 – Pushing implementation of European coverage data and services forward

JORDI ESCRIU and Peter Baumann

(Submission #326)


Implementers from Member States have to make their data conformant to INSPIRE before 2020, for data sets in the scope of Annexes II and III of the Directive. This comprises the Elevation and Orthoimagery themes, for which data has to be mainly provided using the raster spatial representation type, but also other themes which are also allowing it as an option.

Concretely, in the scope of INSPIRE raster data shall be implemented and made available as coverages according the concepts stemming from OGC standards, ISO 19123 and other related standards currently in force.

To this end, INSPIRE has established a framework for making this data and services (Web Coverage Services - WCS) interoperable.

The Thematic Cluster on Elevation, Orthoimagery, Coordinate reference systems and Geographical grids has organized several activities to to tackle with the remaining issues since the end of 2014, as part of the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Framework (MIF). The results are available in the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters platform, ready to support the Member States in the implementation effort.

These drawbacks in the focus of our recent activities are summarized below: ­ - Alignment of INSPIRE Coverages with standard OGC coverages. The INSPIRE model extends the OGC coverage model in ways not anticipated by OGC. As a result, WCS implementations - being based on the OGC definitions - often ignore the extra information defined by INSPIRE. ­ - Lack of knowledge regarding coverages and WCS / Need for your implementation examples. Many implementers have expressed their difficulties to understand the concept of coverage, how to implement data of this kind as well as the potential use and exploitation of Web Coverage Services (WCS). ­ - Need for a common geographical grid system as a framework for European raster data. The need for a common geographical grid system for the provision and exchange of European coverage data in the INSPIRE & Copernicus context.

The presentation proposed will make and overview of such activities, their outcomes and will show the audience the current state of the art on coverage data implementation to reinforce implementation capacities.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Continued support to implementation
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   thematic cluster, coverage data, WCS, elevation, orthoimagery, Copernicus, INSPIRE, implementation support

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