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Towards the synergy of INSPIRE with eGovernment and OpenData in Slovakia

Martin Tuchy┼ła

(Submission #331)


Although the process of fulfillment of legal requirements towards the establishment of spatial data infrastructure is ongoing in Slovakia, visibility of the first signs of practical benefits will still need stronger commitment from all involved actors and increased focus on target use of the INSPIRE infrastructure. This can be achieved via closer interaction with the initiatives aiming to improve the quality and effectiveness of public services via eGovernment (eGov) and supporting the re-use and added value generation on top of the Open Data initiatives.

After identification of INSPIRE implementation gaps, set of legal text updates on national level took place, including the light modifications on coordination structure. Domain specific discussions about the use and re-use of INSPIRE data has been initiated (Hydrography, Landscape Planning) or are about to be launched (Transport Networks). With ambition to improve the visibility of the environmental reporting information flow, INSPIRE priority datasets becomes to be described by metadata. New licensing templates and examples are communicated to be widely used by the stakeholders in order to improve the data sharing arrangements. Better metadata support and connectivity with National discovery service has been initiated by Spatial Data Registry (RPI).

RPI has been developed as one of the four reference national registries within the eGov, what generates high expectations, but at the same time provides significant potential to re-use INSPIRE in wider context. Closer alignment of INSPIRE with eGov has been confirmed in new National concept of eGovernment adopted by the Government of the Slovak republic in September 2016. Despite the initial activities (e.g. Strategic documents like Data management, or GeoDCAT support of RPI) a lot of challenges still remains open (e.g. skilled capacities, governance of persistent unique identifiers, linked data, open data).

Open Data initiative is in Slovakia also driven by the Open government partnership initiative (OGP). In March 2017, new OGP action plan for 2016-2019 has been adopted by the Government of the Slovak republic with set of ambition actions. Results of the first one (Open Data and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) demand survey), confirmed the high demand for spatial and environmental data.

Presentation will aim to point out on main lessons learnt including indication of the plans to implement the INSPIRE with the values in wider societal context.


Topic Area:  [3.3] Alignment with national, EU and international policies/initiatives
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   INSPIRE, eGovernment, Open Data

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