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Standardized and well-managed code-lists for the water environment

Edwin Wisse, Joan Staeb and Niels Kinneging

(Submission #332)


Within Inspire and the EU we use a data model to describe and share our data. Within the data model we use code-lists to limit the actual values to an agreed set. These code-lists are external to the Inspire directive but the code-lists are of vital importance for the specification of information within the Inspire framework. Inspire refers to a number of partly overlapping code-lists. The code-lists are not managed in a consistent manner. We experience a lack of international harmonization on code lists for both the marine (annex III-theme 15 and Marine strategy framework directive art 19.3) and fresh/inland water environment (water framework directive). Within the Netherlands water management authorities have established a common semantic standard for the environmental data: Aquo. In our experience the management of code lists requires a formal procedure involving users, companies doing the technical implementations, and fellow standardization bodies. The standard is established in the Netherlands as one of the standards in the national standards system by the Forum Standaardisatie (forum for standardization). It can be a base to build a European multi-lingual semantic standard upon. In this session we would like to exchange experiences with code-lists within Inspire, to present the Aquo standard and to discuss the way in which uniform code-lists and the management of those code-lists can be reached within Europe.


Topic Area:  [3.3] Alignment with national, EU and international policies/initiatives
Abstract Type:  Speed Presentation (5')

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