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New Directions in Digital Government Using INSPIRE

Ray Boguslawski and Francesco Pignatelli

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Digital Government in Europe is evolving rapidly thanks to advances in technology but also to governments establishing more participative relationships with businesses and citizens. There is a drive to promote economic growth in digital businesses and through the better use of data. In all of this, location data plays a very important role. INSPIRE has created the basis for harmonisation of location data across Europe and is able to underpin some of the important developments in Digital Government. Some Member States have developed integrated strategies and established lessons that others may take into account. Technological advance creates immense opportunity through developments in the internet of things, cloud computing, big data etc. However, it also introduces challenges in terms of privacy, trust and the need for new digital skills.

This workshop aims to explore these new directions by sharing experiences and ideas. It is part of the ISA2 work programme undertaken by the European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government (ELISE) action, which is developing frameworks and solutions to exploit the potential of location information in digital public services across Europe. This workshop is of 3 hours duration and should be positioned immediately before the “ INSPIREd Energy " workshop proposal, if accepted. It introduces concepts related to this thematic workshop and the audience may wish to attend both sessions.

The style of the workshop will be brief presentations to introduce key topics followed by interactive discussions in groups with feedback to the general audience. There will be facilitation throughout from the ELISE team and a summary wrap-up at the end of the workshop. From this, attendees will be able to make a contribution to European activities in this field.


Topic Area:  [4.1]INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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