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The INSPIRE GIS Eurostars Project

Thorsten Reitz and Giacomo Martirano

(Submission #337)


EUROSTARS is a European Research and Development programme specifically targeted at Small to Medium-sized Enterprises that want to collaborate to bring innovation to market. Geosparc, Wetransform and Epsilon Italia have managed to secure one of these highly competitive grants and are now using those funds together with substantial own investments to bring several key innovations to INSPIRE implementers.

In this talk, we will highlight three key research areas we are currently working on:

  1. Serverless INSPIRE download services: One of the big hypes of 2017 is serverless computing. All big cloud provider now support “functions as a service”, such as AWS Lambda. If utilized right, such infrastructure can provide highly scalable, very cost effective infrastructure, such as download and transformation services.
  2. Container-based spatial data infrastructures: Containers are the other big trend in managing cloud applications. They allow to deploy scalable systems in a reproducible way with far less and to build reliable systems with far less effort compared to previous technology
  3. Linked Maps: INSPIRE offers rich domain models with plenty of cross-references between spatial objects. We present new interaction and visualization paradigms that make maximum use of these reference to enable both focused analysis and explorative search.


Topic Area:  [2.6] INSPIRE in the Cloud and On-line platforms for exposing, accessing and using spatial data and services, including the relevancy of INSPIRE for Big Data analytics.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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