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iSEAS project: SDI to improve Efficient Fishing

Francisco Landeira and Emilio Abad

(Submission #340)


The main objective of LIFE iSEAS project is to demonstrate that a sustainable scenario (in terms of biological and socio-economic indicators) of the EU fisheries is possible through the enhancement of the real application on the fishing sector of existent knowledge and innovative solutions for discards reduction and management.

This project contributes directly for the purposes of achieving the objective of European Environment Agency and the European Environment Information and Observation Network to record and collate data on the state of the environment, to Agency draw up expert reports on the quality, sensitivity and pressures on the environment within the territory of the Community.

Some of the main expected results of technologies applied in LIFE iSEAS are:    


Topic Area:  [1.1 ] Sustainable management of natural resources and natural capital
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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