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All the agents that work with real estate information in Spain are using now the INSPIRE model

amalia velasco, Carlos Alonso, Fernando Serrano and José Miguel Olivares

(Submission #344)


After many attempts for coordination between the Cadastre and Property Rights Registry in Spain for more than a century, a new legal frame (law 13/2015) that give real estate traffic greater legal certainty by incorporating the georeferenced graphic information of the parcels in the Property Rights Registry has been enforced. It has put into place a mechanism for exchange INSPIRE CP GML that has permitted the coordination of the information of both institutions for a better identification and description of real estates and an adequate provision of services to citizens and administrations.

It has allowed to establish a fluid and safe exchange of information between all the agents involved in the real estate traffic and it has led to the development of applications, products and services by private initiatives. GML file is now well known by surveyors, engineers, architect, notaries, register workers, etc. and it has become the standard in cartography exchange.

With the introduction of this system, not only we are making advance in the coordination between Cadastre and Property Rights registry but also we are standardizing the data and processes within all the actors that work in the land management. As the citizens, the public authorities that work in the territory have also the duty to communicate to the Cadastre land consolidations, reparcelling, administrative demarcation, expropriation and acts of urban planning and urban managing and for this communication they are using also the INSPIRE GML. In this way we are enhancing interoperability between them, simplifying administrative procedures and reducing costs.

In order to register a building in the Property Rights Registry, the georreference of its position is also required by the law 13/2015 and therefore we have done a step further, creating the mechanism to use for that the INSPIRE GML BU too and open the door to include other attributes of buildings in the future.

In the presentation we will analyze the results of these two years of law enforcement with more than 8 million of certificates download by users, all of them with the INSPIRE GML attached. And we will demonstrate how the Geographical data of Cadastral Parcel and Buildings as INSPIRE GML is reinforced as a key part of the e-government, enhance interoperability and will facility the relation of real estate traffic and environmental policies in the future.


Topic Area:  [1.15] Other e-Government applications
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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