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Using INSPIRE for improving cross-sector interoperability of data on damages & losses related to natural hazards

Robert Tomas, Giacomo Martirano and Mathew Harrison

(Submission #345)


Systematically collected, comparable and robust data on disaster damage and loss are an essential element of the risk assessment and management processes. The current practice in disaster loss data recording across the EU shows that there are only few comparable disaster damage and loss data; differences exist in the methods of data recording (granularity) as well as in the governance approaches to managing disaster damage and loss data. The lack of standards for damage and loss data collection and recording represents the main challenge for damage and loss data sharing and comparison, especially for cross-border cooperation within the EU. To address the issue JRC together with the MS developed common guidance report: “Guidance for Recording and Sharing Disaster Damage and Loss Data” (de Groeve 2015).
At the same time implementation of INSPIRE in EU MS is anticipated and specifically a Data Specification on Natural Risk Zones (INSPIRE 2013) represents a basic interoperable framework in the domain of natural hazards. A thematic pilot was set up involving experts from two JRC Units (Digital Economy (INSPIRE) and Disaster Risk Management) as well as external practitioners in Disaster management (Italian Civil Protection Agency, CIMA) and INSPIRE to investigate the possibility to harmonise the data requirements stemming from both the INSPIRE and EU Guidance for Damage and Loss recording. The presentation will show not only the approach taken, but also concrete results achieved, such as a common data model which extends the INSPIRE core data model for Natural Risk Zones including the damages and losses related spatial objects contained in the JRC Damage and Loss recording methodology. Furthermore, data transformation and network service deployment will be demonstrated using real data on disaster damage & loss related to natural hazards from the Lombardy Region (Italy). The possible follow up activities will also be presented, focusing on the possible re-use of the results achieved in several risk management scenarios.


Topic Area:  [1.12] Mitigation and management of natural and man-made hazards and disasters
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   INSPIRE, Natural Hazards, damage, loss, extensions

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