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Making INSPIRE Technical Guidelines more easily readable and maintainable

Michael Lutz, Robert Tomas, Clemens Portele, Robin Smith and Jens Scheerlinck

(Submission #347)


One of the actions proposed under the MIG activity on "fitness for purpose" is to make the INSPIRE technical guidance (TG) documents, in particular the data specifications, more easily readable and more catered for different readerships, e.g. by providing some high-level "master guidance" for managers or "INSPIRE for beginners" guidelines for implementation newbies.

At the same time, the many individual artefacts that are part of or complement the TG documents are assembled (e.g. UML class diagrams, feature catalogues, code list values, xml schemas and Abstract Test Suites), which are managed in a variety of systems and tools, make the maintenance and updating of the TG documents very difficult and error-prone. This has been illustrated by the recently published corrigenda and a number of further issues that have been highlighted in the Thematic Clusters, many of them about inconsistencies between the TG documents and other artefacts.

The presentation will shortly introduce a demonstrator of a new system and procedure for more easily maintaining and versioning all INSPIRE TG documents and the related artefacts in the future. The main goals in the design of the demonstrator are:

After the speed presentation, different proposals for additional versions of the data specification TG documents (for different readerships) will be discussed in the break-out group discussion.


Topic Area:  [3.1] Fostering “Fitness for purpose”
Abstract Type:  Speed Presentation (5')

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