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Organization and implementation of an INSPIRE registry in France

Etienne Taffoureau

(Submission #350)


BRGM (the French geological survey) is France's reference public institution for Earth Science applications. BRGM works on managing and delivering geosciences data to be used as support to decision-making for spatial planning, mineral prospecting, groundwater protection, pollution control, natural risk prevention and the characterization of local areas.

For all these data, models have been defined at a conceptual level (UML) and implemented using existing standards (GeoSciML, EarthResourceML, GroundWaterML2, ...) to enable interoperability with other systems. For some attributes, codelists have been defined, such as for example a list of values characterizing the lithology like granit, sandstone, etc. These codelists contain common values with INSPIRE codelists, as well as extended specific values. BRGM is currently implementing a GeoScience multithematic registry (geology, mineral resources, groundwater, ...) in order to identify and describe the content of these codelists.

BRGM is also managing the French GĂ©ocatalogue ( which collects information (metadata) and provides tools for harvesting, searching and consulting geographical information. It also provides a discovery service (CSW) so it can be harvested by the INSPIRE geoportal. In accordance with INSPIRE implementing rules, a national registry is being implemented in the GĂ©ocatalogue infrastructure. For the technical solution, two registry softwares (R3gistry and UKGovLD) have been tested.

This situation provides a unique opportunity to validate that a data provider registry can be linked to a national one which in turns is synchronized with the European INSPIRE registry.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Technologies and tools to support implementing, using and assessing the technical implementation of INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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