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The LADM standard in and out of the INSPIRE box

dominique laurent

(Submission #351)


The standard ISO 19152 also called LADM (Land Administration Domain Model) was adopted by ISO TC 211, following a FIG (Fédération Internationale des Géomètres) initiative. Main purpose of this standard is to facilitate the exchange of cadastral information between various stakeholders and above all the implementation of land registration systems in developing countries. The standard offers a conceptual data model aiming to be used as basis for legal cadastre. It is based on following principle: parties (physical or legal persons) have a set of rights (ownership, use right…), restrictions (easements, mortgages…) and responsibilities (e.g. obligation of maintenance) on spatial units (parcels, building units …). The standard is quite flexible and may be adapted to national specificities. The proposal is to present 3 experiences or projects involving the LADM standard. • The LADM standard was considered in INSPIRE by the Thematic Working Group on Cadastral Parcels. The INSPIRE data model may be seen as profile of LADM with focus on its geographic part • The LADM standard was also considered in two projects in Africa: IGN France International had to prepare the terms of reference for calls for tender aiming to establish new cadastral system, in Ethiopia for a project of adjudicating state land to citizens and in Senegal for a project of cadastral data digitalisation. In both cases, terms of reference have been based on a data model adapting the ISO 19152 standard. • There are on-going initiatives in IHO (International Hydrographic Organisation) and in UN-GGIM: Europe (United Nations initiative on Global Geographic Information Management) working group on core data that are considering the potential use of LADM outside the cadastral domain, namely for INSPIRE themes Maritime Units (theme Administrative Units) and for all kinds of regulated areas (themes Area Management, Protected Sites, planned Land Use). The LADM principles might be used to model the rights, restrictions and responsibilities applying on these various kinds of “administrative” data.


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