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Spice Me Up: The Extended OGC Coverage Implementation Schema

Peter Baumann

(Submission #356)


Coverages play a central role in INSPIRE, appearing in many of the Annex II and III themes - just to name ortho imagery, elevation data, thematic products as some of the coverage types occurring over and over. Additionally, the timeseries capabilities of coverages increasingly get into focus.

In December 2016, OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) has been adopted as an INSPIRE Download service, recognizing that - in particular with its optional datacube analytics language, Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) - there is far more than mere data extraction: versatile visualization, aggregation, analytics, and fusion become possible through this unified, interoperable framework. Not surprisingly, a large and growing set of open-source and proprietary tools is supporting WCS from both client and server side. WCS offerings meantime exceed 500 TB. ISO TC211 is amidst adopting OGC CIS as forthcoming 19123-2.

In tight synchronization, OGC has extended its coverage model substantially in 2017, resulting from a transatlantic collaboration in Testbed-12. Adopted beginning this year, the OGC Coverage Implementation Schema (CIS) version 1.1 represents a backwards compatible extension - all CIS/GMLCOV 1.0 coverages remain valid - re-uniting several independent developments, thereby providing an important step in harmonization. A main innovation of CIS 1.1 is a unified model for any kind of regular and irregular grids, also allowing GML 3.3 plus algorithmic sensor models as per SensorML. This enables a lossless information flow from upstream SOS data capturing to versatile downstream W*S services.

Several further stakeholder requirements have been included into a modular structure which eases implementers to choose which realm to support (such as regular grids only, or additionally irregular grids, or only point clouds, etc.). Modern data formats like JSON and RDF have been added, together with a general container definition that allows to transport coverages in multiple files; related to this, tiled coverage storage is possible now. For certain timeseries use cases coordinate/value pair sequences have been added.

In our talk we present CIS 1.1, its embedding into the OGC / INSPIRE / ISO standardization efforts, and highlight its efficient implementation, based on INSPIRE WCS reference implementation, rasdaman, and large-scale deployments.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Technical standards: Challenges and approaches to the standardization of spatial data and services
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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