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Plan4all - from Citizen Science, Citizen Observatories, VGI towards Community Driven Datasets

Karel Charvat, Tomas Mildorf, Karel Jedlicka, Otakar Cerba, Jiri Bouchal and Hugo Kerschot

(Submission #359)


Citizen science is defined as "Developing concepts of scientific citizenship which foregrounds the necessity of opening up science and science policy processes to the public." Citizen science (also known as crowd science, crowd-sourced science, civic science, volunteer monitoring or networked science) is a scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur or nonprofessional scientists. Citizen observatories became essential tools for better observing, understanding, protecting and enhancing our environment. Volunteered geographic information (VGI) is the harnessing tool to create, assemble, and disseminate geographic data provided voluntarily by individuals. However, a common problem of all these approaches is data quality. The finished projects SDI4Apps (, OpenTransportNet ( and FOODIE ( focused on the creation of three large open harmonised datasets: • OpenmLand Use (, • Open Transport Map (
• Smart Points of Interest ( The Open Land Use dataset was generated by combining multiple public datasets (CORINE, Urban Atlas, Topographic Map, Cadastre, Land Parcel Information Systems). The Open Transport Map is based on OpenStreetMap transformed into the INSPIRE-based data model and enriched with information on traffic volumes. Smart Points of Interest is a linked open data set integrating data from OpenStreetMap with approximately 300 other sources. Since the long-term sustainability and quality of these datasets became an issue, we started building the Plan4all community ( as a network of organisations willing to contribute to and improve the quality of these datasets. The idea for the future management of the data is to combine available open datasets with VGI and citizen observatories principles. However, the overall quality check and responsibility for any changes will be at the local and regional organisations and communities from the Plan4all network. In this way, the data quality should be improved and guaranteed. This concept of data management involving public authorities and individual contributors and communities will be tested in the near future.


Topic Area:  [1.5] Public participation and active dissemination of information – citizen science
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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