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Rheticus: Copernicus and INSPIRE for Earth's surface monitoring

Mauro Casaburi, Sergio Samarelli and Nunzia Vairo

(Submission #362)


The Rheticus® cloud-based platform provides continuous monitoring services of the Earth's surface. One of the services provided by Rheticus® is the Displacement Geoinformation Service, which offers monthly monitoring of millimetric displacements of the ground surface, landslide areas, the stability of infrastructures, and subsidence due to groundwater withdrawal/entry or from the excavation of mines and tunnels. Rheticus® Displacement is a powerful tool to prevent and detect potential sewerage failures, monitoring the wide-scope works like bridges, dams, buildings, even in relation to hydrogeological instabilities, landslides or the high traffic volume of metropolitan in the big cities. This service was adopted by numerous customers in various application areas. The Rheticus® services through standardized and ready-to-use information is useful for a wide range of private and public organizations everywhere in the world, providing: - Updated knowledge of ground and water conditions; - Continuous monitoring of risk areas; - Excellent Cost/Benefit relation; - Safeguarding of investments. To provide these information, the Rheticus® platform processes a large amount of Geospatial BigData. In particular, Rheticus® processes satellite Open Data provided by Copernicus Sentinels and it is capable to integrate local INSPIRE data sources like “building”, “administrative unit”, “hydrography”, “transport network” etc. Rheticus® can automatically process the datasets that are compliant to the INSPIRE data specifications. So the INSPIRE data specifications increase the throughput of the data processed, enabling an automatic process that improve the effectiveness or efficiency gains.
Actually, one of the engine of the Rheticus® workflow is the discovery datasets that use the INSPIRE discovery services to find the datasets relating to the survey AOI. Planetek Italia, to better provide Rheticus® services in every place in the world, is building a network of Authorized Distributors, in order to operate closer to the client’s geographic location. It was easy to organize the European network, because those partners can count on INSPIRE standardized data and services to provide worldwide products and services easily and quickly. Further improvements are expected when INSPIRE SDI will provide services in a streaming way, as the Copernicus Ground Segment already does, which flows data directly from the various Ground Segments to the users. In this way, the Rheticus® workflow can get automatically the datasets from the INSPIRE data streaming, avoiding users from the datasets loading.


Topic Area:  [1.12] Mitigation and management of natural and man-made hazards and disasters
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   The aim of the paper is to highlight the benefit of INSPIRE and Copernicus for the infrastructure monitoring. It will be shown some success cases to monitoring dams and sewer networks. Thanks to the INSPIRE SDI and the Copernicus Open Data, we are improving and moving our business towards new markets as utilities and assurance business. In fact an assurance that want to insure a big infrastructure, as a building, use this services to monitoring the building stability.


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